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Woman caught trying to plant cocaine in pastor’s house


vllkyt3qemq7jchur.d4450b9a Woman caught trying to plant cocaine in pastor's house

According to reports, this woman identified as 30-year-old Joy Ogundare is due to appear at the Federal high court in Kano, today, May 25, for allegedly trying to implicate a pastor.

Ogundare was caught trying to plant 2.2 grams of cocaine inside the house of a man identified as Pastor Richard Ekene, who lived in the same compound with her.

In a statement reportedly written by Ogundare, she revealed the reason behind her action. Here’s what she said:

“I am not in good terms with Pastor Richard. We even have a pending case at the Magistrate’s Court here in Kano. That was why I wanted to plant cocaine in his apartment to implicate him but I was caught in the process by NDLEA Officers”

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